Venue Which Gives You Multiple Options

A wedding, Christmas party, family get-together, prom; whatever the event be, the first need is to look for the perfect venue. It should be a place where fun and celebration get defined in a better way, and where everyone can have the times of their lives. A picturesque view, better facilities, exquisite food, and above all, utmost comfort.

If you are also looking for a similar place, look no further than Crondon Park. A gorgeous destination in the beautiful village of Stock, Crondon offers best in class services to all its guests. You can infer their popularity and service quality by the fact that they have been awarded the best countryside wedding destination in Britain. Moreover, the fact that they have been catering to the clients for more than three decades proves that people love this location.

What Does The Venue Offer?

There are multiple parties or events that you can organize at this destination. To help you a bit, here are the details of the services that they offer.

Spread In Acres

Unlike the venues in cities, this countryside retreat is a 350-acre valley! You get as much space as you want, and there will not be any feeling of confinement. You can conveniently plan an outdoor wedding under the warm sun and enjoy the wilderness of nature.

Accommodation Available

Do you have guests coming over the night before? There is a provision to book overnight stays in the luxurious set of bedrooms at the location. They come well-equipped with basic amenities ensuring that your guests don’t face any difficulty.

Fit For Every Party

You can plan any party at Crondon Park. It has already got the award for the best wedding destination. But the prom, Christmas dinners and all other sorts of parties also get carried out pretty well here.

Exquisite Food

Food is definitely the highlight of every party. The 5-star exquisite chefs at our location serve lip-smacking food to the guests. Moreover, you can also plan for a food tasting session to get an idea of the taste before booking.

No Parking Issues

As we mentioned that the property is spread over 350 acres, it goes without saying that there are absolutely no parking issues. All the vehicles get parked on the property, and safety is guaranteed.

All in all, Crondon has got you covered in all situations with its state of facilities and excellent hospitality. Once you reach the destination, leave all your worries behind as the event will turn out to be a success for sure.

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