How To Hide Your HB Smith 28 Series Boiler

Boilers are necessary but unattractive equipment that no house should be without. This isn’t a problem for most individuals when storing a boiler in a cabinet. How about when you enter the house and are greeted with it as soon as you walk in? If you don’t want your boiler to be on display, there are a few things you may do to hide it.

There are various creative and cost-effective options for hiding your HB Smith 28 Series boiler, depending on where it is located in your house. Hanging a whiteboard in front of it could be a good idea. In addition to writing your grocery list on the blackboard, you could also use it as a calendar. Regardless of how you utilize your blackboard, you’ll be able to keep your boiler hidden while yet making it easy for a service member to get to it.

Why Should I Hide My Boiler?

For all their importance, Boilers aren’t necessarily the prettiest things to look at.

Many homeowners are now opting to conceal their boilers rather than keeping them out in the open. There is a valid explanation behind it.

Hiding Boiler in the Kitchen Cabinet

The most typical method of hiding a boiler is to fit it into a kitchen cabinet.

It’s known as ‘boxing in a boiler’, and it’s a great way to keep the HB Smith 28 series boiler out of the way while also making it blend in with the space. It is possible to build them in a way that allows heating professionals to perform servicing and maintenance.

When hiding a boiler in a cabinet, ventilation is one of the most critical issues to keep in mind. Old boilers required a lot of areas since the room’s air-ventilated them. On the other hand, modern condensing boilers do not make boiler ventilation a problem. The flue pipe provides them with all of the air they require.

Boiler painting

Painting a boiler may be a way to hide it in some areas. There is no better canvas than a white boiler.

You can achieve this only if you use heat- and moisture-resistant paint. However, just because it is possible does not mean you have to do it. 

You might wind up with paint in the incorrect areas or cover crucial information if you use paint. Your warranty may be voided if your HB Smith 28 series boiler manufacturer doesn’t like the idea of you painting it.

Hiding an external boiler

You may save up room in your home by installing an external oil boiler, but they aren’t the most appealing things to look at while you’re outside.

Fences are a standard method of concealing a boiler in a garden. When the fence is covered with plants, you won’t even realise there’s a boiler behind it.

Keep in mind that heating professionals still require boiler access. So you may either leave one side unfenced or install a modest gate.

Cabinet for storing boiler

Most boiler closets do an excellent job concealing the boiler, but a floor-to-ceiling storage unit might make greater use of the available space. As a result, you’ll have a spot to store the vacuum cleaner, brooms, and other cleaning supplies.

If you have installed an HB Smith boiler at home, follow the tips above to hide it from sight.

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