How to sell wines online?


A wine auction is a premier marketplace to buy and sell wine and other bottles of alcohol in an online (internet) environment. Wine auctions mainly sell unobtainable and rare wines typically sourced from private collectors’ online wine auctions. The auction process enables a negotiation between interested participants, consisting of placing bids via a third party to determine the wine’s price is now valued under the online wine auctions.

Wine auctions can be fun and active events where you can sample world-class wines and maybe even take one home with the correct bid for the online wine auctions. First-hand, second-hand, or online, all the auctions provide wine lovers with unique opportunities to interact with excellent wines under the online wine auctions.


Crurated, a unique membership-based wine community, will allow wine lovers to buy and charge on bottles selected from the foundations of some of the most desired global producers. Representatives and enthusiasts of all stages will be able to come together to observe their dedication and ascertain more about their favorite wines and areas through digital content and exclusive in-person experiences in the online wine auctions.

A team of specialists gives personalized services and genuine experiences. In contrast, Crurated’s seamless logistics service guarantees quality and provenance thanks to secure wine cellar storage and innovative blockchain technology under the online wine auctions.

Crurated is a UK-based wine NFT marketplace that uses blockchain technology to authenticate every bottle of wine on-chain from the producer.

Guidance on how to sell wine online:

  • Plastic wrap your bottles straight away

An excellent reflex to develop is covering your bottles in plastic wrap when placing them in your cellar under the online wine auctions.

The wine inner the bottle, the label will not take well to an oppressive environment, which will deteriorate over time if left open. The plastic wrap will prohibit damage and is no problem to remove if you decide to drink the bottle yourself under the online wine auctions.

  • Cases of 6 or 12

With the buying of keen wine lovers, many like the chance to try a favorite wine. Several times over or open a few bottles for a big occasion under the online wine auctions. It maintained that people would pay more for this than spending on a series of individual bottles under the online wine auctions.

  • Put together a vertical

A 6-bottle case of the same Cuvee is undoubtedly a treat, but a vertical is true of mixtures. A perpendicular is a case of the same Cuvee in consecutive vintages under the online wine auctions. Nothing attracts attention like a vertical of bottles from a favorite department. To manage this, you have to be gentle and continuous. If you miss one or two bottles, you can buy them above market price – you will be justly rewarded for your investment under the online wine auctions.

  • Take a visit to the estates.

Finding the right moment, you can ask if there’s a little allocation available under the online wine auctions. I won’t lie, you are unlikely to get it straight away, but you put it on the waiting list. You have to perform by visiting the property, getting to know the estate, spending some time with the winemaker, and showing your interest in their wine under the online wine auctions. Your attempts are likely to pay off ultimately under the online wine auctions.

  • Keep an eye on up-and-coming estates.

Gone are the days of auction supremacy for the biggest Bordeaux and Burgundy names. Some relatively modest domains can gain international popularity under online wine auctions in just a few years.

  • Keep hold of your wooden cases.

While they are made for practical reasons, original wooden cases have become a real asset for those selling their wines at auction under online wine auctions. We suggest keeping any you have and looking out for any you might find elsewhere under the online wine auctions! Some buyers are adapted to pay well above the market price for a lot, including its cases under the online wine auctions.

  • Sell without a reserve charge.

As unusual as it might seem, bottles put up for auction with a start price of $1 often get final selling prices over the initial highest estimate under the online wine auctions. Though this would seem to go against common sense, we have noticed that wines initially priced at $1 attract more attention and create a snowball effect under the online wine auctions.

  • Go for the mature vintages.

As soon as vintage is given a promising outlook, try to get hold of some bottles from the most coveted domains at all costs under the online wine auctions. Once bought, protect these bottles valuable in your cellar, including the plastic wrap under the online wine auctions.

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