In Islam, Women Right

Many individuals believe that in Islam, women have no rights. They believe that Islam persecuted women and treated them as second-class citizens. This myth will be reviewed and addressed in this essay.  Women right are considered members of Islam and have a vital role in the Islamic community. A woman nurtures children, raises generations of youth, and brings them into society to assist in its development.

Islam respects this vital role, as well as a mother’s efforts to care for her kid from birth through marriage and beyond. That is why, when a man approached Prophet Muhammad and asked who among the people deserved his special care the most, Prophet Muhammad replied, “Your mother.” “Then who?” the guy asks Prophet Muhammad, to which Prophet Muhammad responds, “Your mother.” “Your mother,” says the Prophet for the third time.

When the man inquires again, Prophet Muhammad responds, “Your father.” Heaven, according to Prophet Muhammad, is beneath the feet of mothers. According to Prophet Muhammad, a man who has daughters and nurtures them well will be admit to Paradise. He claims that every Muslim male and female is obligate to seek knowledge. This clarifies the misperception held by non-Muslims that Muslim women are not permit to receive Islamic education. It is, in fact, a legal requirement that they be educate.

In Islam, women are even consult

This was evident during the Prophet Muhammad’s lifetime, when he sought advice from his wife about the affairs of the Islamic state. People used to ask Aisha, Prophet Muhammad’s wife, questions and consult her about what she had learned from him.  The Prophet (Peace be upon him) remark that the best of Muslims are the best to their spouses, and Islam commands a husband to treat his wife well. Husbands are command by the Quran to treat their wives with love. Islam give many respect to women and women right

In Islam, a husband is require to provide a present to his wife as part of the marriage contract. In Islam, a woman is not expect to spend any money on her home; instead, the husband is solely responsible for it. A woman’s primary obligation is to look after her home. As a result, even if a woman works and earns money, she is not expect to put it towards the house. She has the right to keep all of the money she earns.

Islam understands that men and women have different natures, which is why they have separate obligations. Although the male is the house’s leader, he has extra duties as a result of his position. God will hold him accountable for his actions and whether or not he fulfilled his responsibilities. A woman has less responsibility than a man since she is weaker by nature and is more influenced by her emotions. That is why Islam prioritises justice over equality. Men and women are not born with the same nature; a man’s mind usually triumphs over his emotions.

As a result, he should be given increase duties.

This is not a kind of oppression against women, but rather a form of mercy, as it ensures that they are not burden with more than they can handle. So women right are very important.

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