Injection Moulding Company In China

Injection Mold from China:

There is a perception that China Plastic Injection Molding Company are of poor quality and made of inferior materials. While some dubious, fly-by-night businesses may scrimp on quality, ICOMold does not. We exclusively utilise high-quality metal and stand behind our injection moulds totally. At fact, all moulds made in our facilities come with a lifetime warranty. Your mould is backed by a lifetime warranty as long as your parts are manufactured at our facility, according to the ICOMold terms and conditions.

Advantages of Injection Molding and Manufacturing:

Communication is simple:

ICOMold is an injection moulding company established in the United States with a high-quality, low-cost manufacturing facility in China staffed by highly educated and trained workers. One of the benefits of working with us over “China-direct” injection moulders is that there is no language barrier. Your injection moulding project in China will be managed by an English-speaking project manager who will give engineering support, customer service, and oversee the entire process from start to end.

We’ll work around your schedule:

Because our U.S. office is in Holland, Ohio, there’s no need to be concerned about the time difference with an offshore corporation. We’re here throughout normal business hours, ready to assist you and keep your injection moulding project on track, whether you require a quick email response or a phone call discussion.

We have a lot of expertise:

We’ve been doing plastic injection moulding since 2003 and have no plans to stop. We understand the difficulties of working directly with a moulder in China, and our hybrid business model addresses them. Our China injection mould producing team and personnel uphold a high standard of work at ICOMold, and this, combined with the knowledge of our US project managers, engineering support, and customer care, ensures that your components are made to a high standard of quality and on schedule.

We help you save money:

We’re right here in the United States, and we’re responsible. You don’t have to be concerned about a sketchy offshore company stealing your money and leaving you with a subpar product. We are a U.S. corporation with a wholly-owned and run plant in Shenzhen, China, where we benefit from lower manufacturing costs while maintaining quality control over our injection moulds. That’s why we offer a lifetime mould warranty on all of our products.

We are in favour of American manufacturing:

We sometimes hear from customers who want to work with plastic injection moulding companies that have factories in the United States, and we get it. Those customers, on the other hand, will often pay more than we do for the same thing. People in China pay less for things like injection moulds and plastic parts because our costs are lower there. To help people who want their manufacturing done in the United States instead of China, our mold-making team in China will make a “export mould” and send it to the customer’s chosen manufacturing site in the United States.

IP legislation in the United States protects your project

Customer intellectual property (IP) and legal rights are said to be violated by untrustworthy Chinese businesses. Customers of ICOMold, which is based in the United States, can be sure that their privacy will be kept safe by the laws in their country. To protect our clients’ intellectual property, we are always looking out for them. We keep our clients’ proprietary/secret information private, even. If it’s personal or company information, CAD files, quotations, or orders that they want to keep private. Visit our Terms and Conditions page to learn more about how we protect intellectual property rights.

Bringing the Best of Both Worlds Together

We’ve had a lot of success with our “best of both worlds” business strategy. We’re still working with customers who want to get custom plastic injection moulding from China at a lower price. This is why we’re still working with these customers (see our customer testimonials). There are no problems with dealing with an offshore manufacturer directly. So the prices are lower and the quality is better. Take a look at our quick quote tool to see how cheap we are.

You Can Count On Our Plastic Manufacturing Quality:

Everything to us is about the people who come to us. It is our job as a top manufacturer of plastic injected moulds to make sure that the products we make are of the best quality while still being affordable for our customers. Our clients come from a wide range of businesses. We have the experience and track record to meet their needs.

ICOMold also focuses in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial & Transportation
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Products
  • Appliances
  • Sporting
  • Energy

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