Our Guide To Bollard Spacing & Site Planning

Bollards of different types and sizes are certainly used at different types of sites for varied purposes. The main motive of using these structures is to restrict the entry of vehicles, persons or other unwanted elements into certain spaces. Also, these are used for proper parking in the parking areas. Likewise, bollards may also act as barriers on the road or to create safe walking space for passersby. Whatever the purpose may be and regardless of the site where bollards need to be installed there is certainly the need for proper spacing and site planning.

Below given guide may be followed in this respect:-

Take Into Account The Total Space Availability

Whether you wish to install fold down bollards or other types of bollards at any place it is very much important to take into account the total space available for the same. You need to consider how much total space is there and how it can be divided into different parts so that the ultimate purpose may be well achieved.

Make A Rough Plan Of The Site

To get the desired and most excellent results and that too in an easy manner, you must start with the process of making a rough plan of the entire site. It gives you an idea about various things and structures and their proper allocations. It is equally true in the case of all types of sites.

Know The Purpose Of Usage Of Bollards

While carrying out bollard spacing and site planning, it is vital to be aware of the ultimate purpose of usage of the bollards. It means you need to keep in mind if bollards need to act as barriers or protectors of certain structures or properties. Also, these may be used in the form of obstructions in the ways of entry to some hazardous places or sites. The entire site planning and bollard spacing can be executed accordingly.

Decide On The Distance Between The Bollards

Once everything is clear to you, you must decide on the distance amidst various bollards. The distance between bollards may vary at different points of the same site depending upon their specific usage at that particular point.

Distance Amidst The Bollards And Vehicles Or The Structures Must Also Be Decided

Apart from the distance between the fold down bollards or other types of bollards, it is also important to take a decision on the distance between the bollards and the vehicles in the parking areas or the bollards and some structures that you intend to protect by them and so on.

This guide is definitely going to help you out in the most appropriate bollard spacing as well as site planning. Thus you may serve the underlying purpose well with the usage of bollards and optimise their utility.

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