Point and shoot film camera Sony Alpha 7c

Sony Alpha A7С Body in black – a compact model with full-frame camera capabilities

Sony Alpha 7c mirrorless digital camera is a camera in which small size and lightness are harmoniously combined with great functionality, high performance, and the capabilities of professional equipment. This unit will become a versatile tool for shooting in different genres.

Full frame

The basis of the digital film camera is a full-frame CMOS matrix with a crop factor equal to 1. The resolution of the 24.2-megapixel matrix will allow you to take high-quality photos with a high degree of detail and accurate color reproduction. A powerful processor is responsible for processing frames, complementing the technical configuration.

High sensitivity Sony Alpha A7c

The camera covers a wide range of sensitivity values ​​- from 100 to 51200 ISO. These settings allow her to work effectively with the light available, providing details in the highlights and darks in the frame. There will be no noise and other optical defects even when shooting in low light.

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Excellent autofocus

Sony’s camera uses a state-of-the-art focusing system with multiple tracking points throughout the frame. Focus is fast and accurate, keeping your subjects sharp even at the edge of the frame. The advantages of the built-in autofocus are complemented by support for the eye focusing function, which works even when the orientation of the camera is changed.

Sony Alpha A7C: for video lovers

The camera is capable of not only capturing first-class photos but also recording smooth, lifelike 4K videos. To improve shooting parameters, the device uses a stabilization system and a pixel resampling function. The picture will be bright and clear.

Focus on every moment

The high-speed autofocus system and the excellent performance of the built-in processor support the continuous shooting function. Using it, the photographer will be able to capture literally every moment of an important event.

Shooting control with Sony Alpha A7C

The camera is equipped with a 3-inch LCD touch screen that can be used as an electronic viewfinder and for manual focusing. The display is mounted on a rotary axis, which makes it possible to install it in the desired position for convenient shooting from any angle.

Consistent clarity

Sony’s best camera for outdoor photography uses a proprietary five-axis stabilization mechanism that can compensate for up to five types of camera shake and misalignment, including:

  • angular jitter;
  • lateral tremors.

The sensitivity of the implemented mechanism will allow high-quality shooting even from the hand at high magnification and lack of light.

Quick exchange with Sony Alpha A7C film camera

The model is equipped with a wide range of wired and wireless interfaces. Among those:

  • USB;
  • HDMI;
  • audio;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • NFC.

With their help, the user will be able to quickly transfer the footage to compatible devices and even update the software.

Increased strength

The black body panels of the point and shoot film camera are made of magnesium alloy, which has increased strength and low weight. For additional durability, sealing elements are used in the structure to protect the main components. Thanks to this, the camera is not afraid of dust, moisture, and minor mechanical stress.

Sony alpha 7c specification

Camera typedigital
Camera typecompact
Matrix resolution, Mpix24.2
Full frame sensorYes
Matrix typeCMOS
Maximum resolution6000 x 4000
Lens availabilitybody (no lens)
Optical Lens StabilizerNot
Manual setting of shutter speed and apertureYes
LCD screen, inches3
Video recordingYes

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