Rewards of Using Pre-Made Dough Balls Instead of Scratch-Made Dough

The restaurant sector is a multibillion-dollar industry. The competition is severe, and businesses must seize every opportunity to stay profitable. For those who own pizzerias or other businesses that sell pizza, such as delis, convenience stores, and entertainment venues, this means overcoming several nearly universal barriers to success with one solution: ordering pre-made dough balls from your distributor rather than making your own dough from scratch.

Does it seem too good to be true? That’s not the case! Pre-made dough balls give key benefits by removing the scratch-making dough from operators’ to-do lists:

Reduce the impact of labor shortages in the industry

Due to the significant disparity between job vacancies and skilled workers that restaurant and food service management is currently experiencing, operators are increasingly doing more with less staff. You can reallocate jobs to ensure efficient team utilization, especially when you’re short-handed because you don’t need to spend a staff member’s time dough-making using pre-made dough balls.

Ensure that crust quality and performance are constant throughout shifts or locations

When it comes to pizza bases, one thing is certain: no two bakers will weigh and measure ingredients, proof dough, or layout crusts in the same way. Not to mention the effects of the environment, such as the temperature and humidity in your kitchens shifting based on the time of day or location. Customers may notice discrepancies in pie flavor, quality, and texture throughout shifts, days of the week, or between your locations, which can be a serious concern.

Assist in reducing overhead and increasing kitchen capacity

Pre-made dough balls from your distributor are a guaranteed technique to keep physical space under control. Large mixing equipment, as well as bulk quantities of key ingredients like flour, salt, and sugar, are no longer required, which means you can free up space to boost output capacity or save money right away by lowering the overall amount of square feet you pay for each month. When you consider that you won’t have to maintain superfluous equipment or manage ingredient reordering, you’ve eliminated a number of “small things” that may otherwise be a major drain on your budget.

A dough-making disaster can be caused by a variety of factors. In the kitchen, there is either too much or too little humidity. The improper kind of ingredient or the wrong amount of it. Staff who aren’t paying attention at the mixing table. Overestimating the amount of dough required and allowing the remaining dough to deteriorate. The end consequence is the same: a lot of food and money are thrown away. That’s not the case with pre-made dough balls! It’s as simple as proofing, rolling out or tossing, topping, and baking.

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