Simple yet spooky packaging for Halloween 2021

Halloween is when everyone wants to look more involved in the spirit of the occasion. People arrange Halloween parties at their places and often choose a theme as well. If you want to arrange this year’s Halloween party at your place, go for new spooky packaging ideas for treats and food. If you are in dire need of spooky packaging, we see here to help you out. This article will explain some simple yet spooky ideas for packaging. 

Frankenstein packaging:

The best way to give the guests a spooky welcome with what you have is to use your cardboard boxes. You can turn them into the famous horror character Frankenstein. This is a simple idea, and you can easily do it at home. You will just need some cardboard boxes and cover them with colored charts. If you have paint available at home, you can use paint as well. Now just cover the lid of the box with blue paper and make some cuts in between, just like the hair of Frankenstein. Once you have done this, you just have to add a face to the box. 

You can use googly eyes to make a face. If you are using this packaging for treats, you can make a small hole in place of the teeth area. This will allow the guests to put their hands in the packaging and get some treats. If you want to add some more horror elements, you can also make little chart fingers. These fingers, when present around the box, will scare the guests. 

Bat candy holder:

Another great packaging idea for treats is to use your custom boxes as a bat candy holder. Spider webs and bats are always the main props of all the decorations of Halloween. If you want to make your packaging spooky, you can make it look like a bat. Just simply use a black chart and use a round shape for it. You can add the wings on the side. The middle part of the packaging will have a small box for holding the candy. This will be a hot-selling idea for the party. Your guests will be impressed. To make things intriguing, you can place the chocolates or candies inside the wings. Every time someone opens the wings, the bat face will surprise them. 

Owl packaging for Halloween:

What else could add more horror and thrill to your Halloween packaging other than an owl packaging? You can use a box and use paper feathers on it. Make the owl face by using marker colors. You can also add a round circular chart cut to keep the face separate. The fake paper feathers will look lovely. You can leave some space in the box and place lollipops in it. It is your choice to add any kind of candy and sweets to it. The color of the owl boxes is dependent on the theme of the party. 

Witches broom packaging:  

If you want to look more creative, you can go for witches’ broom packaging. Use a simple cardboard box and wrap it. You can choose different colors for that wrapping paper. Once you have wrapped the boxes with paper, it is time to tie it with beautiful ribbons. You have to leave the tie near the package so that the remaining upper part will look like a broom. You can also cut the wrapping paper to make it look like the broom bushes. Many people also like to add a stick to the packaging as well. It gives a complete vibe for the Witches broomstick. 

Cauldron packaging

The best way to create the best packaging for Halloween is to use spooky figures and tools related to magic. You can amaze your party guests by using a Cauldron boxes for keeping the treats and giving gifts. The round bowl-shaped Cauldron can easily be made with a round box. You only have to add a handle on it to give it a proper look. Kids will love this packaging and will like to take it with them for trick or treating. You can also paint the packaging with black color. The dark color will help in representing the Cauldron in the right manner. 

DIY mummy packaging

Another amazing way of becoming the most creative host of the Halloween party is to add a “mummy look.” Anything that has a spooky and thriller element will do well for the packaging. You can use a mummy look for your treat packaging. For mummy packaging, you will need cotton or yarn around a box. The perfect wrapping and use of white assortments in the packaging will give a total killer look. Use sticky black eyes on the white mummy boxes. 

Spooky spider packages: 

This trend is quite common these days, and it is extremely easy to recreate. You just need some boxes and have to paint them according to your choice. Put your treats in them and attach fake rubber spiders to the box with the help of glue. When guests try to get the candy, the spooky packaging will welcome them. These packages with spooky fake animal props can also be placed at the entrance of the house. Many people even use them with lights as well to add more horror. You can use other animal props such as snakes. Another way to increase the spookiness is to use a spider web along with the rubber spiders. The fake spider web will enhance the look of your trick-or-treat box. 

There are amazing and spooky ideas for the packaging of gifts and treats for Halloween. People like to compete with each other for these ideas to make their party and decorations look outstanding than the rest. You can use the unused boxes at home and convert them into Frankenstein or other horror characters. A simple yet dark way of doing packaging for your treatment is to choose mummy DIY packaging.

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