Skilled Worker Visa – Evidence of Recruitment

The Latest Immigration News is all about the major changes that underwent by the end of 2020. The Resident Labour Market Test was abolished and certain other changes came in the UK Skilled Worker Route. 

Characteristics of the Skilled Worker Route

The key factors of the UK Skilled Worker Route are pretty much the same. The seeker will have to be sponsored for a particular job that meets the salary and skill requirements of the UK employer holding a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office. 

Despite the similarities, there are some key differences between the old and the new routes:

  • There is an extension of job roles available for Sponsorship because the skill requirement is reduced from RQF level 6 to RQF level 3.
  • The general salary is fixed at 25,600 Pounds yearly, which was 30,000 Pounds a year before. 
  • The Sponsorship Workers receiving payment less than 25,600 Pounds are still eligible for sponsorship through ‘trade-able points’.
  • The Resident Labour Market Test is no longer necessary for the undertaking. As long as the vacancies are genuine, and the applicant meets the skill requirements, the sponsors can hire them.
  • The UK Skilled Worker Route is flexible because the 12 months ‘Cooling off period’ is removed and so is the six-year maximum stay length. 

Things to Consider for Genuine Vacancy

According to the Home Office, a genuine vacancy matches the following characteristics:

  • The Job holder must perform specific duties and job responsibilities by heart. The person must meet every requirement of their particular Route.  
  • The job role must not include dissimilar job duties or any role below the basic skill.
  • The job role must be appropriate to the business and fit seamlessly with the business model, scale, and business plan.

The Home Office mentions the importance of the job role that it might reflect the necessary skill requirements. It is also important that the applicant is sincere and take their responsibilities seriously throughout their job life.

The Eligibility Requirements for UK Skilled Worker Visa

For a secured UK Skilled Worker Visa, here are some requirements:

  • A job offer from one of many UK Employers
  • The Employer must have Sponsor License that is approved by the Home Office
  • The Employer must issue a reliable ‘Certificate of Sponsorship’      
  • The job you choose must be eligible for UK Skilled Worker Visa
  • Meeting Skill level requirements
  • Meeting English language requirements for communication
  • Meeting minimum salary requirements
  • Having 1270 Pounds in your current bank account to ensure you can afford a life in the UK

Necessary Evidence of the Skilled Worker Route Recruitment

The Skilled Worker Visa is a great opportunity if someone is looking for a life in the UK. There is certain evidence that the UK Government will ask from the applicant. The employers must have evidence of the entire hiring process and proofs that the chosen candidate satisfies all the skill requirements. Once the documents are approved, you can successfully proceed with the next steps.

Check out the documentation list for UK Skilled Worker Visa.

  • If you got to know the job role from an advertisement, the candidate must have a copy of the advert, and details associated with the adverts place and experience.
  • A record of the total number of job applicants, shortlisted candidates, and others who qualified any particular hiring process
  • An interview summary of the successful candidate
  • A list of the interview questions used during the interview process
  • A brief explanation on selecting a particular candidate (explaining why the person is an exception)
  • Any relatable information on the grading process (if any) for the successful candidate
  • All the other relevant information (if any)

However, the new UK Skilled Worker Route guidance clarifies the least importance of employers holding the CVs, application forms and other hiring-related document or personal data of the unsuccessful candidate. According to our best immigration solicitors, this decision ensures Candidates safety on their data from breaching.

Final Words

The UK Skilled Worker Visa is for the employees with a job offer and a sponsorship certificate from a Sponsor Licence holder UK employer. Getting the visa becomes easy when the documentations are set right, and you have a genuine job offer.

However, it is better to reach out to the best immigration solicitors to avoid any failure. Overall, The UK Skilled Worker Route is a great opportunity for job seeker to secure their life with a promising career in the teaching, accounting, IT, and healthcare industries in the UK. 

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