SSSTS Training – Why It Is Important?

Are you interested in becoming a construction site supervisor? You need to keep in mind that education is quite important indeed. The prominent requirement is completing the site supervision safety training scheme qualification. Here, it needs to mention that some employers probably also need you to hold some other qualifications too. Let’s understand this in an elaborated way.

SSSTS And The Benefits

SSSTS is an abbreviation for Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme. Talking about the SSSTS training course has been designed for construction specialists hunting to take a supervisory role within the construction industry.

Do you want to pass this course? Then learners have to demonstrate an understanding of the context of Health and Safety in the construction industry. The most important thing is that qualifications would not automatically lead to other qualifications. Though it introduces you to the foundational skills required to take the next step to the role of a supervisor.

Candidates would also be asked to introduce a toolbox talk; a presentation is all about highlighting safety issues following the site. Considering the exam, participants would be getting a CITB SSSTS certificate which is valid for a stipulated time.

What About The Significance Of The SSSTS Course

Talking about a quick look at the industry, it is also known for revealing the SSSTS course endorsed by a variety of major entities. It is all about composing the largest construction companies in the city needed all individuals in a supervisory role to demonstrate their competence for this role. The successful accomplishment of this course is truly an ideal and effective way of demonstrating expertise.

The ideal part regarding the SSSTS course is that it only needs two days to complete. It is relatively quick and you would not require a long absence from work to accomplish the course. You will also require that the qualification imparts you with a completely new skill set or improvement upon it. Moreover, the course is truly ideal if you have been introduced to a last-minute career advancement opportunity and require quickly gaining accreditation.

The Major Difference Between IOSH and SSSTS

IOSH is truly a general course emphasizing all industries. It would not impart any sort of particular safety guidelines in comparison to SSSTS training courses. Going with that said, if your prospective employers need you to turn out to be a member of IOSH and complete specific IOSH courses in the context of the construction industry, you probably have to. 

IOSH is truly a general course emphasizing all industries. It does not need any sort of particular safety guidelines compared to SSSTS courses.


If prospective employers need you to turn into a member of IOSH and accomplish particular IOSH courses regarding the construction industry, you probably have to comply.

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