The Best Full Body Exercises: Fitness Expert Approved

Working full-body exercises into your routine is a great way to stay in shape and improve your health. Full-body workouts are especially effective for those looking to lose weight, as it helps you burn more calories and build muscle. The following full body workout at home routines will help you find the best full-body exercise program for your needs!

1) Flat out burpees

Lay on your back with hands behind your head and legs straight out in front of you, then push up to full sit-up position.

Bend knees so that feet are flat on the floor. Now bend elbows and bring them towards the chest while sitting up, between bent knees​s. Lean forward slightly as if trying to touch toes with hands.

From a full sit-up position, jump up and land in a squatting position (squat depth will depend on your fitness level). Now return to full sit-ups.

Repeat for 20 repetitions of this exercise!

It is a great full-body workout at home because it forces you to use a full range of motion in all joints.

2) Touchdown lunges

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms up. Step the right foot back and bend both knees so that you’re in a full lunge position.

Straighten the knee on the left side of your body to return to the start position, then repeat lunging down on another leg (right). Switch legs and continue for 30 seconds.

It’s a full-body workout at home that builds strength in your lower, middle and upper back.

It also increases endurance and requires you to use a full range of motion in all joints while targeting the glutes, hips, hamstrings, quads and calves muscles at different times throughout the exercise routine.

3) Skier Abs

Start with feet close together, arms up. Raise your right knee and twist to the side so that your thigh is parallel with the floor, then lower back down until you feel a stretch in front of the left hip socket.

Switch legs and repeat for 30 seconds on each side (30 total reps).

Skier Abs is a full-body workout at home that works on your core, essential for full-body strength.

The exercise also increases balance and works on mobility in different planes of motion as you rotate from side to side while lifting the knee alternately.

4) Push-up Shoulder Taps

Start with hands shoulder-width apart and at the edge of a mat.

Lower yourself to a full push up position, then bring one hand in front of you so that it is beside your chest; return to the start position before switching sides and repeating for 30 seconds on each side (30 total reps).

Push-up Shoulder Tap is a full-body workout at home that includes a balance challenge and work on all of your arm muscles, including the chest.


These exercises provide a full-body workout at home and effectively help you burn fat, tone muscles, or weight loss. You don’t need any equipment either; As these full-body workouts can be done at home without using anything besides your own body!

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