Types Of Printed Cotton Bags

Cotton bags have become quite trendy these days. They are not only customized by marketers to promote the brand, but it is now a general style statement for the ladies. There are different types of printed bags made of cotton material for you to choose from. Some of them are great for promoting your brand, while others would enhance your style statement. Let’s now go through the options.

Promotional Cotton Bags

These are the type of printed cotton bags used by marketers to promote their products. They look very simple, and the size depends on the products inside. These bags usually have the company’s logo printed on them, which looks simple but yet is a great tool for some offline promotions. You can always use quality cotton bags for your business so that the clients would reuse them and that would help you with some free offline marketing.

Quotes Cotton Bag

Plain cotton bags that have a quote printed on them are in trend this season. For example, if you want to take a cotton bag for your yoga classes, simply get a big sized one and print “Yoga Queen” on it, and you will be good to go. The write-ups and quotes on these bags can be customized according to your preference or you can buy a readymade one, that goes by your choice.

Cotton Bag With Patterns

Different types of patterns have become quite common when we are talking about printed cotton bags. From strips to hexagons, and various other geometric shapes, they look very cool when printed on a bag. You can take them along when you go to a beach and they will hold up your belongings along with your style statement. You can always select something colourful, or go for the classic black and white, which looks equally elegant.

Characters On Cotton Bags

Another great option for customized cotton bags is adding characters or pictures. Keep it simple with your favourite cartoon character, or you can customize your character and pair it up with a funny quote. Simple things like a camera or a tree can also make these bags look equally good. You can also print your favourite fruit, bird, or anything that you like on the bag and it would look equally cool.

Colourful Cotton Bags

You can customize your cotton bag with your favourite colour and then print your favourite design on them. Sometimes a plain colourful bag also looks good. You can add some embroidery and do some tying and dying work to make the bag look unique. These are some of the top cotton bag types for you to choose from. You can take inspiration from these and print one according to your preference. They are stylish but within your budget.

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