What Are Mining Jaw Crushers? – Everything You Need To Know

One of the essential processes conducted in the Mining industry is the Crushing process. So, what exactly is crushing? Crushing or size reduction simply refers to the process of reducing the size of the rocks or ores material, therefore making them easy to store and transport. The crushing process primarily consists of three stages-primary, secondary and tertiary. Crusher is a machine with the help of which the Crushing process is conducted in the Construction and Mining sectors.

What Are Jaw-Crushers?

First of all, let’s discuss the purpose for which we usejaw crushers. Crushing of hugely abrasive and hard material blocks involves a jaw crusher. Note that there are different types of crushers deployed for various crushing stages. A Jaw crusher is one such type that aids the primary and secondary stages of crushing. Note that the Primary crushing stage reduces the size of the rock materials from somewhere between 800 and 1500 mm to 150 and 300 mm. On the other hand, the secondary crushing stage reduces the size from 50–80 mm to between 5 and 12 mm.

Working Principle Of Jaw-Crushers

A jaw crusher consists of mainly two jaws-

  • Fixed
  • Movable

The working principle of the jaw crushers is based upon the compression action. What happens is that when the feed material enters the place in between the two jaws, the movable jaw starts a reciprocating action. This reciprocating movement leads to crushing and compression of the material between the moveable and immovable jaw.

Essential Parts Of A Jaw Crusher

A jaw crusher consists of various components, which are as follows-

Crusher Body-The crusher body is designed in such a manner that it keeps the jaw crusher resistant to bending stress even while the crushing process of large abrasive blocks takes place.

Pitman-A pitman is a connecting rod (basically, here pitman is referring to the movable jaw in a jaw crusher ) whose purpose is to start the reciprocating action by forcing the movement of the flywheel shaft.

Cheek Plates-Cheek plates (made out of manganese steel) are used for covering the sides of the crusher body.

Toggle Plate-A toggle plate is a curved metal piece placed at the bottom of the pitman to provide sufficient support.

Eccentric Shaft-A shaft of eccentric shape made out of steel present along the entire length of the pitman is called an Eccentric shaft. The primary purpose of this component is to facilitate the movement of the movable jaw in and out.


Jaw-crushers are a staple of the mining industry. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each has its unique benefits and drawbacks. Understanding how they work is essential to making the most of this critical mining equipment.

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