A Beginner’s Guide to Shark Tattoo Symbolism

Sharks are believed to be one of the most dreaded creatures on the Earth. They are immensely territorial in nature, and represent intimidation as well as danger. An ink with their image is the ideal choice for people planning to emphasise such qualities. Shark tattoos can also express a wide range of cultural connotations. To know more, please check out the given discussion now.

Shark Symbolism

The experts working for the best Gold Coast tattoo shop said with the animal themes, people generally aim to depict the characteristic traits they exude, and well the shark is not an exception.

There are approximately 500 species of sharks that dominate the seas, among which blue, mako, tiger, and great white are the most popular. Despite the differences, you can tattoo any of them to demand respect.

The great white shark is considered the symbol of West Australia. Maoris, who inhabited this area, perceived the shark as their guardian. A deep dive into their folklore uncovers the story of a demon that triggered the Milky Way by sending shark to the sky. Maoris also accept a fable in which sharks saved human beings from a bigger and much more ferocious ocean monster as true.

How to Design the Shark Tattoo?

You can see shark tattoos within a hyper realistic style because many artists prefer the detail it needs for capturing the fish as a whole. Minimalistic designs provide you the opportunity of profound interpretation. Mentioned below are few more amazing ideas.

  • Totem- Shark when utilised as a totem provides you a sense of belonging. It is also perfect for people who are passionate about the cosmos and celestial bodies. Make sure you have the tattoo in black and red shades.
  • Outlines of the Fin- The fins of the shark can cut through water in a seamless manner. Outlining the fins on the skin can stand for a similar sort of determination that the sharks have when they are moving towards a prey.

The artists at the well-known tattoo parlour Surfers Paradise said the dorsal fin can be inked since they remind people to seize the opportunities they come their way. It also represents smooth transformation to the next stages of life.

  • Jaws- Sharks can somewhere between two and fifteen rows of teeth that continuously fall out and then get renewed. This enables them to be always prepared for battle. You can ink the jaws to convey to others that you never back down from hardships.This theme looks great in three-dimension.
  • Cartoon Shark- No one would believe if you say you did not love the Shark Tale or Baby Shark. An animated version of this deadly creature seems like a wonderful idea if you are tough externally but are loving and kind on the inside.

Shark tattoos are quite universal, so, they can be placed on all the body parts. That being said, they are usually seen on biceps, forearms, back, and ankle. In case the aforementioned discussion has convinced the readers to get inked, they must schedule an appointment with a proficient, experienced, and reliable artist – someone who assures quality as well as affordability.

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