Feng Shui Tips to Enhance your Love Life

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement more than 5,000 years old. Keep in mind that these feng shui tips can only get you so far. The important thing is that you try to find love or improve your relationship. Never expect that Feng Shui will do all the work for you. So here are some feng shui tips to enhance your love life

Using Rose Quartz Crystals

Crystals, especially rose quartz, are thought to reflect and enhance energy; It is no surprise that they are included as a remedy in bedroom feng shui. Rose Quartz is the love stone as per feng shui. It is a favorite for those looking for true love for its ability to speed up the process, mend broken relationships, and improve their existing romance life. Rose quartz crystals are also known to provide the ability to remain calm under pressure and during a collision. Always keep rose quartz in pairs to promote a sense of equality.

Don’t Bring Work into your Bedroom

Do not keep any work related furniture, laptop or even your smartphone in your bedroom. These remind you of the need to constantly check the office and email. When you are engaged at work, you are less likely to pay attention to your partner which ultimately disrupts your romance.

Refresh your bed sheets and linens

According to feng shui experts, fresh and washed bed sheets and linens can help to bring newness to your romantic relationship. Others tell you to use colors like white, bright green or pink to warm up your relationship and to avoid red as it can burn your relationship.

Hanging Picture Frames Above the Headboard

Some feng shui experts sometimes recommend hanging wedding pictures above the headboard to increase the love between the couples. Other experts, however, assumed that the picture frame symbolized the guillotine that would bite anyone sleeping beneath it.

Eliminate extra pillows or stuffed animals

Although it is not really a feng shui tip, some advisors include it as part of their feng shui advice. If your bed is full of pillows or stuffed animals, it sends the message that you have no place to connect with anyone else.

Bring Fresh Flowers

Flowers have the power to heal any relationship. And they instantly add to the vibe of your home, which means good feng shui. Roses are standbys for depicting and perpetuating romantic love. Also, flowers make the best gift for valentine to infuse romance in your love life.

Yin and yang

According to Feng Shui’s Bedroom How-To’s, it’s important to balance the energy through your decor choices when designing your bedroom for feng shui for love. For example, if your bedroom is overly flowery and delicate—or, on the other hand, too dark and masculine—a balance is needed. The balance of both yin and yang energies is important to ensure that you and your spouse feel comfortable and at home in the room.

Don’t put a Mirror in Front of the Bed

According to Feng Shui, the mirrors facing the bed can interfere with your sleep in many ways. Putting a mirror in front of your bed brings bad energy and affects your relationship with your partner.

Adjust the level of light in your bedroom

Having a dimmer can help keep light levels balanced. Light is important because it is one of the most powerful manifestations of energy. Toxin-free candles are recommended as the best choice for bedroom lighting. Setting the mood in the bedroom is very important. Light scented candles, lace over sheer fabric or lamps. Keep the lighting soft, play romantic music, and keep “happy” pictures of yourself and your partner on the dresser.

Put happy photo of yourself and your partner

If you are married or in a relationship, you can put happy pictures of yourself and your partner around the house, especially in the South-West and North-West region. The positive energy that comes out will promote intimacy between you and your partner. It works great in my experience and I’ve seen many cases of relationships improve by doing this!

Use candles to inspire love

Candles have the ability to add a zest of romance in your love life. As candles also have the

ability to strengthen the fire element and conflict with the water element, so be sure to use candles wisely according to the feng shui element of that area.

Keep TV on Bay

Bringing TV to your bedroom means a distraction in the relationship. Put your TV in another room so you have time to connect and have meaningful conversations with your partner. Also, TV is related to the fire element and brings yang energy which can be bad for your relationship.

Hope these tips will help you infuse some romance in your love life. Try it and watch the love grow day by day.

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