CSGO Operation Riptide Pass Costs detail

CSGO Operation Riptide is live for all the players and the only way to get to play with the new update is to get an Operation pass. We have accumulated the entire details on the new challenges, modes, rewards, and much more. The new update is more like a gift for the CSGO Accounts player; launched on 21 September, Valve had a lot in its store for us. From new gaming modes to skins, private matchmakings to newer weapons, you are getting a lot of new things. We may have been late to inform you but it isn’t too late for you to get your operation Passes now to enjoy all the benefits!

Though, before jumping into procuring a pass, you should how much is it going to cost, the rewards it proffers, and how hard it’s gonna be.

Cost of CSGO Operation Riptide battle pass:

The CSGO Operation Riptide pass will cost you USD 14.99. It is a necessary item that’ll allow you to enjoy most features of the new update for your csgo accounts. To get coins in the game you have to splurge some money, obviously; however, it is nothing like you have to buy everything hastily. You can opt for purchasing them at a later date once you win few missions and make your stars valid for the game. Once you gained access to an operation pass you will have an array of rewards, for you to enjoy. Rewards include new skins, agents, and cosmetics. 

How to level up your CSGO Operation Riptide coins? 

After buying a CSGO operation riptide pass your inventory will receive a reasonable amount of coins right after. When you will play the mission appointed to you during the events, your coins will likely go through 4 phases those phases will be the up-gradation of your coins: Bronze<Silver<Gold<Diamond. These coins will upgrade based on your stars’ collection and mission completion. You can win only 10 stars per week. 

  1. Silver coin- 33 stars
  2. Gold coin- 66 stars
  3. Diamond coin- 100 stars

If luck’s on your side there’ll be offers on winning more stars in a certain week. Hence, you could still be winning Diamond coins by the time it’s Christmas if you grind harder! 

CSGO Operation Riptide weekly challenges:

When you will play in your CSGO accounts with the new update, every week you will get a new mission, as aforementioned. You have to give your 100% to get those stars; starting from the date of its commencement, for 16 weeks you will attain new missions. And, these missions will be worth 2-3 stars! Having more stars on offer portrays only one thing i.e. grind harder! The more you focus on your goal the quicker you’re gonna achieve the coins.  

The missions will likely revolve around the update; therefore, chances are you’ll be jumping into various modes & maps and perhaps be using new guns that you may not be familiar with or aren’t accustomed to. 

What rewards are in the Operation Riptide battle pass?

Stars aren’t only a way to increase your coin’s level, but also to trade them for numerous items. There’s no scam in winning the coins during the weekly missions; if you complete the weekly challenges, you’ll get your reward! Winning the coins shouldn’t be taken for granted, with these you can invest in the newly added agents. 

Below are the details on how many stars are required to purchase an agent/skin/patch/sticker:

• CT Master Agent skins: 25 stars

• T Master Agent skins: 25 stars

• Superior Agent skins: 10 stars

• Distinguished Agent skins: 5 stars

• Exceptional Agent skins: 7 stars

• Selected skins from new collections: 1 to 100 stars

• Operation Riptide case: 2 stars

• Operation Riptide patch: 2 stars

• Operation Riptide sticker: 1 star

• Riptide Surf Shop sticker: 1 star

Are there any limitations as to the nos of rewards one can redeem in their csgo accounts? 

Apparently, no! You can redeem your pass without any restriction if you have enough stars. And, the other way is to purchase stars to keep redeeming your prizes. 

How to upgrade your coins? 

Csgo Opera riptide coins can be upgraded by participating in the weekly missions and winning them! Once you have achieved 33 stars you’ll upgrade to Silver- for gold you’d need 66 stars- and, for Diamond, 100.

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