How to Increase the Chances of Accurate Background Checks

Although the FCRA mandates that background checking businesses “follow feasible processes to insure correctness,” each business has its unique approach to reaching this objective. Because of this, background investigation accuracy is neither automated nor ensured. Nevertheless, it can become a regular component of your firm’s background checking program if you find and take the subsequent actions and partner with a screening supplier who has a track record of dedication to precision and durability.

Design a comprehensive screening policy to guide all screening activities

The inside Human Resource and recruiting partners, and also your testing business, are guided by a policy that covers the whole of your background investigation procedures. A background check plan could save you from the frequent dangers of subpar background checks and establishes uniformity throughout all recruiting sites. This is much more than a ritual or internal necessity. Below are the basic components your background check policy ought to have:

  • Which job titles in your company demand background investigations and drug tests?
  • Background information gathered for each background investigation
  • Your internal procedures for carrying out corrective measures assessments that comply with the FCRA

Expect transparency from your screening partner

Your background investigation vendor must deliver more than just accurate guarantees. To provide that precision, it must include quality checks and regulatory protocols. You should know what is going through every background investigation and how your screenings service helps businesses to secure your company and workers by developing a relationship with them depending on open communication and collaboration. Below are some advantages that your background checking supplier should supply to enable clear and comprehensive background investigations for your company:

  • Actions histories with time stamps and audit reports to ensure the availability of activity for every background investigation
  • Simple price for the screening services you get, so you are aware of the value you are getting for your money
  • Information on evolving rules that affect your background check program
  • Technology that can be modified to reduce costs and produce more precise background investigations

Look for opportunities to integrate existing systems

Once you have unified tools available to help the screening and recruitment procedures, it is simpler to conduct reliable background investigations. For instance, by linking background investigation software with the applicant tracking system, you reduce the need for candidates’ addresses and educational backgrounds to be entered twice and raise the likelihood that the checking procedure will start with more accurate candidate data.

Hope the above information will help you in increasing the accuracy of your background checks.

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