One Step At A Time – The Key To Transformation

Great things take time. Rome was not built in a day. We have heard many more sayings like this. However, what do they mean? Do we apply these learnings in our daily life? The book “Becoming Flawesome” by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani shows us the path to a fulfilled life. Even in this blog, we will discuss the same topic in detail. 

Small steps matter. No matter how long the journey is, we will have a positive outcome in our progress till we take one small step at a time. Small efforts eventually play a crucial role in big changes. Hence, our day-to-day efforts can play a critical role. Let us explore more about it in the blog. 

Comparison – The Thief Of Joy

In today’s world, we see people in such misery. The chase for perfectionism is one of the biggest reasons people are unhappy. Perfectionism is a myth. No one has a personality that is flawless in today’s society. 

Why do we have to compare our progress with others? Why do we have to compare ourselves with others? Each one of us has a different lifestyle. We have different circumstances that life throws at us. Hence, the wiring of our brains and the opportunities that we have are also different. It is, therefore, essential to consider that we do not compare our journey with anyone else.

No one can achieve greatness by birth. It is their daily efforts that count in the long run. So, what is it that we can do?

Make Small Efforts Daily – Without Comparison

So, how can we keep ourselves cool when we see so much comparison around us? What is that one can do in the process of #BecomingFlawesome? In the following section, we will be discussing the same in detail. You can follow these simple steps:

Minding your progress is the key. Keep a journal and start noting your progress. At first, the process may seem slow to you. However, in the long run, things may seem a bit slow and without progress to you. But keeping in touch with them will help you see the magic happening. 

The second is to trust the process. No matter how slow things are going, always ensure you trust the process and rely on the same. Do not make comparisons. When you start comparing yourself to others, you will experience jealousy and competition. It is not a good position to transform. 

Do not make unrealistic plans under the pressure of society. Sometimes, under the pressure of the society in which we are living, we make unrealistic plans. Not achieving them will lower our self-confidence.

Transformation Begins With Self-Acceptance

The journey to a faraway destination will always begin with a single step. In her book “Becoming Flawesome”, Kristina will take you on the journey to exploring yourself and finding the authenticity within you. You will learn more about it in the book. There is so much to explore and become an authentic version of yourself. Get your copy today!

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