Reasons Why it is Important For Businesses to Conduct Police Checks

As an employer, you should review the legal history of the job applicant and know if they have any criminal records. If a person has not committed subsequent offenses within a certain minimum period, some offenses may be excluded from the police report as crimes completed. The mechanism for requesting a suspended sentence differs from state to state: the process is automatic in some states, while you must apply for a suspended sentence in other states. Not all convictions are eligible to spend under the law, and only minor convictions will be expunged anyway.

The role of police check

Don’t fear your employer buying a criminal record check without their consent, as police checks cannot be obtained without the consent of the person concerned. Before conducting a police check, written permission will be required, including the person’s signature and a full 100-point identity check.

For employers and individuals who need immediate police clearance, checks can now be ordered online using secure web technology. It provides the same set of information supplied in a conventionally written report, with improved response times and the convenience of universal access from anywhere in the world.

Police checks are valuable to employers due to the many legal or financial considerations involved in hiring any individual. If you know the person’s background, including any mistakes they have made in the past, you can honestly discuss their history and make a call about whether the candidate is right for the position. Read more at

While it is necessary and prudent for you to implement physical security measures for your organization, such as intrusion detection, electronic and computer security, these systems are designed to protect your organization from external danger, not from someone inside your company. An employee in a secure location is often part of the security system.

Ironically, someone in your organization with a secret past may be forced to commit a crime against you simply because they fear losing their job if a third party reveals the story to them. Knowledge of the employee’s previous errors in judgment brings this information to light and creates a situation in which trust can be established based on full and frank disclosure of the truth.

Requesting a police stop is simple; most results can be obtained in less than a day. Still, these costs are insignificant compared to the damage that a poorly organized employment decision can cause to your business and the cost of this failure.


Depending on the industry your organization is in, the position you hold, and the roles and responsibilities associated with that position, there are many additional checks that you also recommend to ensure that your latest hire is the right fit for your organization. However, each client should implement an oversight strategy as part of all hiring decisions.

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