Understanding The Importance of Police Checks

A police check is a piece of evidence that someone can get to show that they are free from a criminal record and that they are legally entitled to work in the country. It is beneficial for employers to help them avoid some serious situations.

An employer might want an employee to get a police check to get a visa check.

In essence, this ensures that they are allowed to work in the country legally and that they are not illegal immigrants. It is important because it is against the law to employ illegal immigrants, and the employer must be careful. In other words, if you use the defense that you didn’t know that your workers weren’t allowed to work in the country, then it won’t be enough to get you out of trouble.

You’ll still be forced to pay a fine and suffer defamation on behalf of your company. It is partly because some companies deliberately hire illegal immigrants to circumvent minimum wages or taxes. At the same time, it will encourage more illegal immigrants to enter the country. Another reason you might want to take a police background check or CRB background check, as it is known in some areas, is to make sure your employee is not hiding any previous records of criminal activity.

Hiring a former prisoner is not against the law, but the employer may not want to do this under any circumstances. For example, someone who works with children will always need a police check to make sure it is safe for them to work around them and that they do not have a history of abuse that could put children at risk.

Again, if something were to happen and the worker was found to have a history of abuse, it would be so devastating to the business that it would probably have to close, which should be sufficient motivation. Similarly, if you had someone who worked in a medical store or a doctor who had a history of substance abuse, this could also be potentially very dangerous.

A police check NSW is an effective way for employees to increase their chances of being hired. It will allow you to complete work for your employer and get you interviewed faster. Even if it’s not required in your workplace, it can help calm them down and potentially give you an edge in the competition for the position.


It makes sense for any company to encourage its employees to receive a check or hold it on their behalf, even if they don’t have to work with children or the elderly. It is a relatively minor inconvenience compared to the amount of problems your business could have, and at the same time, you owe it to other employees and customers to make sure they are always in good hands when it comes to you.

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