Tips To Improve The Functionality And Longevity Of A Fire Rated Door

Fire controlling doors are designed to control the quick spreading of fire. Today most corporate buildings have installed this door as a prime security tool. This door has special features to fight high temperatures. Also, this door can control the high exposure of life-threatening toxic gases. Nowadays even residential buildings have this super-efficient door to have instant control on sudden situations like fire outbreaks. So are you also planning to have it installed in your house or workplace? Well, you are taking the right and most needed action. As we know fire resilient doors are pretty expensive so we want your door to run long and that’s why we have some tips here that you must follow in order to improve its functionality and longevity.

Right Installation:- The first step to make sure your door runs well is the right installation of fire rated doors. Make sure to hire professional installers to complete this entire installation process accurately. Check whether the door is being latched properly or not and keep it noted. Talk about it to the installers and solve this problem as soon as possible. Remember a fire control door needs to be closed properly otherwise its functionality can hamper through moisture exposure.

Do Not Experiment With The Paints:- Appearance matters a lot we all know it. But don’t let the appearance affect the efficiency of your newly installed fire control door. Do not experiment with your door by putting some colours on it. Sometimes people paint the heat-actuated areas of a fire controlling door just for the sake of beauty and as a result, they end up impacting its efficiency or functionality.

Keep The Label Intact:- Generally, new fire rated doors have labels on them. Such labels sometimes work as a sign of warranty. So do not remove the label by yourself. Also, don’t put any polishing gel or any colour on the label. Keep it intact for as long as you can.

Repair The Damages Immediately:-To keep your door efficient it’s recommended that you must conduct an often check on the functionality of your newly installed door. Make sure it’s running smoothly. Do not modify it on your own. Also, don’t add any additional hardware without taking the permission of experts. If you can see any visible damage even if it’s a small one, repair it immediately.

Thus to conclude, a fire-rated door has amazing durability if you can maintain these basic rules. So, go ahead. And install your door soon.

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