What Candle Packaging Options Are Available?

Consumers are very familiar with the distinctive shape and design of a candle. So, it is essential that your candle packaging needs to be just right. If your candle packaging does not meet the required standards then there is a risk of your products being rejected by consumers, resulting in loss of sales. That’s why you need to provide your customers with exceptional packaging that is attractive as well as efficient. You need to think beyond the traditional when it comes to candle packaging.

Your candle tube packaging can be made from a variety of materials ranging from cardboard, to Kraft paper and bubble wrap. You should keep in mind that your candle packaging should always look attractive, but it must also be able to provide all of the required protection for your fragrances, in addition to storing your candles safely. Kraft paper and bubble wrap, for instance, both make great candle tubes, but they are unable to provide any form of protection when it comes to the base of the candle. However, blue Kraft paper is especially ideal for this because it is translucent and allows light to shine through, ensuring that your aromas stay fresh and are kept fresh for longer.

When it comes to your candle packaging, you also want to make sure you use the right type of box, to provide the maximum protection. In the past, these types of boxes were made from metal or plastic, but these days, eco-friendly options are available which are perfect for your scented candles. With scented candle packaging being eco-friendly, you can help your customers to ensure their satisfaction by using an eco-friendly box or you may even offer a special edition eco-friendly box designed specifically for your brand.

If you have been using standard candle packaging for years, it may be time to switch to eco-friendly alternatives as well. A wooden crate or box may be just what you need. These boxes look really sleek and professional, which can help to make your branding stand out. They are strong enough to house your bottles and come in a variety of sizes, from small boxes to large. Your candles will look even more impressive, and can even last longer, with this type of candle packaging.

There are other eco-friendly candle packaging options too. If you’re packaging comes with a built-in tray, this is the perfect option for your brand. This not only looks great but is very convenient as well, as your customers won’t have to worry about their scented candles going bad in a box that won’t help them preserve the environment. If you haven’t already switched to this type of candle packaging, then it’s certainly worth remembering.

When it comes to choosing your custom candle packaging, there are a couple of different styles to choose from. You can choose to clear custom candle packaging or a color that fits in with your brand. It’s also possible to mix in any type of other material, such as a vinyl sticker or custom die cut materials. The type of material you opt for depends on what you plan on promoting with your packaging. If you want to give your customers a gift that’s more luxurious, for example, than clear plastic is probably a better choice.

If you’re not interested in giving away anything and simply want your customers to open up your packaging and test it out, then there’s still an option for your candle packaging. Custom boxes that feature a cardboard insert or paperboard packaging is the cheapest and easiest way to get started. It does make sense though to go with paperboard as it keeps everything very clean. Boxes can sometimes look too ‘clean’ once they’ve been opened, so try using boxes with small vents to keep air circulating around your candles. If you’re planning on using any type of decorative tape or sticker to promote your business, then go for paperboard. This will ensure that your packaging is clean and avoids your boxes looking too ‘disgusting’.

As you can see, there are plenty of options available when it comes to candle packaging. However, none of these options should be overlooked. Quality packaging helps to ensure that your candle products reach their full potential, while making sure that your brand remains central to everything you do. Whether you choose clear boxes or paperboard packaging, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your brand is central to everything you do.

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