What Does it Take to Become a Graphic Designer?

Are you a creative person? Do your friends and family often come to take your tips on colors and designs? If yes, then you should explore opportunities in the designing world. There are various fields that come under the purview of the designing industry. If you are thinking to blend your love of technology with your designing passion then you’ll probably find it daunting to decide whether you should become a graphic designer or a web designer. It is imperative to have a knack of understanding of both the fields so that you can choose the right career option.

Being a graphic designer is a career that is ideal for anyone who loves to use words and pictures to communicate ideas and messages to other people. Graphic designers are used for a whole variety of different jobs in lots of different fields which can include things like:

  • Advertising on posters and in magazines.
  • Designing the layout of websites for companies.
  • Creating CD-ROM pages.
  • Designing logos, letterheads and other branded material for companies.
  • Creating brochures.
  • Designing leaflets and handouts.
  • Designing effects and credits for movies and television.

A graphic designer can do all of these and more as it is such a wide ranging and challenging job, but many people choose to focus on one or two specific areas and make them their speciality. Being a graphic designer is also very rewarding for anyone who has a keen interest in advertising and the way that design can influence people.

So what does it take to become a graphic designer? Firstly it is a good idea to take art and design related courses whilst at school, as this will give you a good grounding as you start on the route to becoming a graphic designer. If you have not done this you might be able to get on a college course which will help you to learn more about being a graphic designer and will help you to further your education. To be really successful as a graphic designer you should really have a bachelor’s degree and this is one of the most basic requirements for many of the graphic design jobs that are advertised.

During your bachelor’s degree to become a graphic designer you will cover a great deal of difference mediums and types of design. This will help you to gain an understanding of a wide range of different areas and it will also help you to decide what you would like to specialise your bachelor’s degree in. Subsequent years will then be spent in more specific areas in which you would like to work. There are so many different disciplines that are involved in graphic design that you might want to pick two or three and then in your final year focus on just one.

If you are already a graphic designer and would like to pursue your career in a different direction you will be able to get onto an associate degree or a Graphic design course. These are designed to help graphic designers to branch out into different disciplines and increase their knowledge of these disciplines. However you must be aware that you must also have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design before you can start on a different graphic designer course.

Becoming a graphic designer does mean a lot of hard work and a lot of determination, but it will be more than worth it when you are in your chosen profession. So even if you have not taken are or design school, you still have a chance to become a graphic designer.

What is the job of a graphic designer?

It is the job of a graphic designer to create appealing visuals in order to meet burgeoning commercial or promotional needs.

What is the job of a web designer?

Web designers help in creating and modifying all available aspects of a website, including content, graphics, etc.

Education required to become a graphic designer –

In order to find a lucrative graphic designing job, the candidate should complete a graphic design course in India. There are various institutes in India, which are offering courses related to this field, like Bachelor of Fine Arts, diploma course in visual communication, etc.

Education required to become a web designer

Usually, web designers have a background in visual communication and fine arts. It is important to learn HTML coding in order to become a good web designer.

Available job opportunities

If we talk about the graphic designer, then there is no paucity of good graphic jobs both in India & abroad. A graphic designer enjoys a vast scope in various creative media like advertising, marketing firms, electronic media, exhibitions, etc. After gaining some years of experience, you can also work as a layout editor with a reputable magazine. Moreover, you can also explore opportunities in the education sector, where you can teach designing to students. Experienced designers easily find freelancing work and they also set up their own consultancy.

Similarly, if we talk about the web designer, then opportunities exist in diversified fields, as nowadays, almost every company is creating their own website in order to expand their clientele base. From the non-profit organization & government agencies to retail and service providers, you can find jobs almost in every field.

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