Why you should buy red and white wine online

The first thing you need to know is that wines are subjective. What I like may not be what you want or what someone else likes. However, we can provide some general guidelines and information for you so you can make a more informed decision about the best red and white wine for your palate and price point.

Let’s start with why buying red and white wine online is more accessible than going to a store:

No pressure: You don’t feel pressured to buy if your friend wants something specific because it was expensive or perfect once upon a time. If they want it, let them find it; this isn’t preschool (unless that’s how old your friends are). All prices: Want an $8 bottle? No problem. $80? Also, no problem. You can look for wines between $8 and $80 because it’s all good! Availability everywhere: Want to buy American wines in France? Unlikely, but you can find them online.

Saved searches: If you want to remember the name of that delicious red blend you had in New York last year or something similar, save your search so when new wines are added matching your criteria, it pops up again, so you don’t miss out! Personalized recommendations based on what other people like Similar tastes to yours are determined by algorithms, not humans – it’s why sites are able to tell you things like “People who bought this also Liked” something different from what they just bought. So trust the algorithms as much as you would a wine professional – meaning, don’t take it as gospel but use it as a starting point to do your own research and make your own decision.

In case you can’t tell yet, here’s why these 3 points are essential:

It saves money: Let’s put aside for a second that purchasing red and white wine online is more convenient than going out and trying to find bottles at local stores (of course, we prefer that you might visit our shop though!) If you’re willing to do some research on the wines we carry and save them in your “bag” so we can notify you if there is new inventory matching those criteria, then not only will you be making fewer stops to buy red and white wine online, you’ll probably find that the price is lower than what you’d find in a store.

That’s not even counting how much it adds up when you don’t have to drive and pay tolls/parking.

It saves time: If we told you there was a place where you could purchase red and white wines online and get them delivered right at your doorstep within 24 hours, would you go? We bet! That’s why we created our online store so we can cut out all the unnecessary steps on your end of things – save some gas money while getting exactly what you want.

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