With the GODIVA Luxury Collection, your nearest and dearest will be spoiled with their favourite artisan GODIVA treats crafted with care. Our personal wealth increases when we help others become richer.

The Grand Place is the epitome of a treasured jewellery box, with a festive filigree finish, a red suede-like finish, and a top compartment and drawer. Only the most treasured jewels within are made of the rarest, richest commodities – chocolate, and there are 30 pieces in this box and now Godiva dark chocolate is available online.

Godiva dark chocolate and Godiva pearl dark chocolates are so rich in taste that these flavoured are more loved as compared to other flavours.

Godiva’s Natural Amber Pearls have remained a special treat since the early 1900’s. In addition to the Godiva Pearls dark chocolates, carry-me-away tins ensure you never have to forget your sweet treat.


There is a range of tempting, original flavours in Godiva chocolates that are ideal for many occasions. Whether you’re craving a Creme Brulee, chocolate lava cake, mint chocolate chip or caramel nugget brownie, there’s a Godiva chocolate for you.

Where did this delicious and artisan chocolate come from? In this trip down memory lane, the Chocolate Emporium will be revealing some of the chocolates it stocks.

“I was born in chocolate; it has seduced me and I have dedicated myself all my life to this art. I have lived a wonderful dream.” Pierre Draps, 1919 – 2012

In this true story you will discover how a craftsman chocolatier from Italy gained worldwide fame and acclaim for his legendary chocolate.


First combined with chocolate in Belgium, finely ground hazelnut or almonds and caramelised sugar became renowned worldwide as classic Belgian chocolate. In 1926, Pierre Draps Senior handcrafted praline chocolates, or pralines, in the workshop of his Brussels home and the smooth, creamy Godiva praline chocolate was born.

His wife and four children were equally involved in producing, finishing, packaging, and delivering their chocolate confectionery delights at Pierre’s at-home chocolate factory.

These decadent and irresistible chocolates deserved an evocative name, and the Godiva brand was the perfect fit for the family’s luxury chocolate brand. From the old English legend, Lady Godiva is known for her passion, boldness, and generosity, all of which can be found on the packaging and signage of Godiva chocolates, godiva dark chocolate and godiva peal dark chocolates around the world.

Draps Yvonne eventually took over the Godiva legacy – making the brand renowned today by evolving it from the atelier in Brussels to a global brand. Godiva began as a home business owned by Joseph Draps and relocated to the Boulevard Leopold in Brussels.

Although Godiva is now available in more than 80 countries worldwide, its values are still true to those created by Pierre Draps and his family, as well as his father before him. A collection of chocolates that is irresistible to chocolate lovers everywhere, Godiva chocolate is inspired by the passion, boldness, and generosity of their namesake.

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